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How Can You Make Your House Blue Print Much More Attractive?

When getting a new house constructed, one needs to be alert and should focus on each and every minute detail of the house. No one creates the house on estimation like you cannot combine 3-4 bricks and start creating your home you will probably need some professional help if you want your house to beRead More

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What Are The Best 15 Virtual Mailbox & Business Address Service?

Introduction Virtual Mailbox is computerized mailbox assistance, which is easily attainable through a PC or portable device with so many potential benefits. Following is a handpicked rundown of the best Virtual Mailbox Address Services, emphasizing their mainstream features. Earth Class Mail: It is one of the efficient virtual mailbox systems and permits the integration withRead More

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Affiliate Edge Launches Mobile Casino Platform

Affiliate Edge has just launched the first stage of its mobile casino platform and is calling affiliates to touch base with them to find out how they can begin advertising this service to players throughout the world. At this point in time, the mobile casino is supported by iOS devices online, including the iPhone 4S,Read More

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Unique Web Design Tips

When it comes to enhancing your web style abilities, one of the best factors you can do is ask for recommendations and guidelines wherever possible from different London creative web design professionals. While there are a lot of methods that you can take for motivation nowadays, such as creatures and even activities, have you everRead More

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Cellular, Satellite, WiFi Internet – Which One is Right for You?

The easy answer is the Cheapest Service that fulfills your needs. The longer more complex questions are “What are your needs and which services and benefits come with either three Internet Choices”. Pay attention, because in 6 months what is available probably won’t look anything like what it is today and you may want toRead More

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Best Free WiFi Hotpots in Downtown Kansas City

If you’re a business person on the go, chances are you may need to access the internet while you are away from your office and your smart phone just won’t get the job done. Or you might be live in the downtown area or just be passing through and would like to plug up yourRead More

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Atlanta Go Wireless, Hope To Follow Philadelphia’s Trend For Wifi Citywide

With Philadelphia going wireless, some have started wondering if it will next be Atlanta’s turn. The question also remains as to why EarthLink, an Atlanta-based company, is providing Philadelphia wireless service before it does Atlanta. When citywide wireless Internet access hits Philadelphia in 2007, other larger cities may consider also going wireless. It depends onRead More



Affiliate Edge Launches Mobile Casino Platform

Affiliate Edge has just launched the first stage of its mobile casino platform and is calling affiliates to touch base with them to find out how they can begin advertising this service to players throughout the world. At this point

Organization Of Laser Tag

New Item Unveiled Easter Event

Niantic Dropped The Revamp In Currency System Of Pokemon Go. Here’s What It Was. 

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Building Better Relationships

Betrayal, Bickering, and Bigotry are all negative influences on securing strong relationships. The following article highlights each of these “negatives” and the capacity they have to destroy friendships, marriages, love, and family ties.

If you’ve been following the series written by Levi Reiss, you’ll be able to see that building relationship takes a great deal of thought, effort, and time to achieve. And, for many of us, being able to foster sound relationships with others is not something that just occurs naturally. Sometimes we have to work hard to be successful at it.

Take a look at a relationship you have with someone in your life and see if these counter-productive aspects may be present. If so, it might be a great opportunity for you to re-think your actions and take steps to possibly repair any damage caused.

Pitfalls in Building Relationships, Commitment, and Love – Starting With “B” We continue with our series about avoiding the pitfalls in building interpersonal relationships, whether with family, coworkers, friends, or that special someone, continues. Committed, loving relationships do not just happen you need to trust your partner and at times even look for good night paragraphs for her just to make her smile. We know that there is no success secret, no checklist of things to do, and just as important things not to do. But we do have suggestions focusing on what you should avoid, now continuing with the letter B. B is for betraying. There is no better, or we should say worse way, to blast a relationship than to betray confidence.

When people count on you and you stab them in the back figuratively, of course, you can say bye-bye to that relationship. What may have taken years to develop can be destroyed in a matter of moments. It’s as simple as blabbing Betty Loves Barry. B is for bickering. You know the type, the kind of person who always has to be right, even on the tiniest issues. Can you look in the mirror and truly say that’s not you? If like most of us you can’t, you have some relationship work to do. Start now. You may pay a price for bickering today. Please note. I’m not asking you to be spineless, to give in on everything. B is for a bigot.

Bigotry is still much more of a problem than most people realize. It’s not only a question of being a nasty, prejudiced person. Bigotry is also taking the easy way out, of not having to make the effort of finding out who someone really is but instead just putting him or her into neat, easy-to-understand categories. Let me give you an example from my teaching career. Over the decades I have had only two students from such and such an ethnic group. The first was a very lazy young lady; the second was a really dishonest young man. I get a lot of lazy students but not many who are really dishonest.

So what should my attitude be if I get a third member of this group? The same as it should be for all my students, let’s get to know each other and see how you work. In conclusion, don’t be a bigot; let people earn your dislike. And remember, by not being prejudiced, by not being a bigot you may end up finding that someone from such and such a group is a fine person, and the feeling is mutual. Levi Reiss teaches computer classes in an Ontario French-language community college. He wrote ten computer and Internet books and now builds web sites. Visit his new site celebrating all kinds of love and relationships at LoveAmourLove.com. This site includes a great collection of English and French love quotes (with translations) and a wide range of articles on building and repairing love, family, and other relationships.

Developing and building sound relationships with the people in our lives is something that most, if not all of us, strive to accomplish and I hope that in some way Levi’s articles are encouraging you to think about how you’re trying to achieve these goals.

Building relationships, love, and commitment are all important aspects of our being – the ‘building blocks’ of a happy existence. Let’s get it right! I’d love to hear from you if you’d like to share your opinions on this topic.

Growth & Importance of Animation Industry – Why Do Businesses Need Animation?

The animation industry has grown at a very rapid pace all around this world. Some of the countries like France, Japan, Korea, USA, Germany, etc., are leading in this industry. The animation industry had a total value of $264 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow beyond the $350 billion mark by the end of 2021. The industry has seen an average CAGR of 2-3%. The industry is growing consistently with time & the demand for it has increased dramatically.

So, let’s this page in this blog why animation is so important these days and why businesses are trying to use animated elements in 2021.

Why Animation Is So Much In Demand?

Animation is so much in demand in today’s time because of the rise of internet penetration and as people started to get more access to better platforms to utilize the facilities. People love watching videos on different online sites and platforms which has helped animation to get more popularity. The growth of animation is directly linked to the use of the internet and as businesses are trying to become digital.

Increase in the demand for digital marketing has also helped the animation industry to reach new heights in the world. Brands use animated videos in their marketing campaigns to bring in more creativity and out-of-the-box content for the people. Also, the rapid development in the field of VFX and gaming has helped animation to grow exponentially in the last few years.

Why Do Businesses Need Animation?

Videos are a great way to increase your brand’s engagement online and generate more leads. Whether you choose live videos or ones that are animated, videos are a crucial part of 92% marketers who are working in the industry. Here are some reasons why we believe that businesses require animation in 2021.

  • Creative content

the use of animation is a creative way in which you can promote your brand easily. Businesses need to have a memorable impact on the consumer’s mind and only then can they expect a growth in revenue. When customers have a clear idea about the kind of products you are offering to them, they can trust you more. The more creative your content is, higher the chances are for the people keeping it in mind for a longer period of time.

  • Easier to explain

when you take the help of animated videos, it helps you to explain anything with ease. If you are dealing with a complex idea for the business, then you can surely use an animated video to simplify it. The use of 2D images cannot always help the people to understand the content. But, an animated video is a brilliant way to convey all the ideas and messages.

  • Boost conversion rates

when a person sees a video on a website, they are more likely to watch it. That means they are going to spend more time on the website. This helps to reduce the bouncing rate by significant margins. Also, you should know that at least 64% of all people who watch the entire video will take a favorable action. This way you can easily boost your rates of conversion and increase your revenue.

The Legalization Of Medical Marijuana Looks Good In Florida

For years, people have been on the proverbial seesaw when it comes to hard hitting issues, such as the legalization of medical marijuana in Orlando. It seems that Floridians have been told for so long that cannabis is bad for them that they are always confused when discussing the possibilities of using medical weed for suffering patients. Few people have the knowledge that for centuries, marijuana was used to help the ailing, and ease their suffering. The United States government opted to ban this herb that indeed, provided relief to citizens suffering from illnesses and diseases. In fact, many health issues can be stopped from progressing. You can know about the legalization of the Urban Aroma site for the purchasing of weed. The extraction should be from the legal and organic plants to offer organic use. You can do a little research about the products to buy them from online site. It will provide a pleasant experience to the people. 

such as glaucoma through the use of medical weed in Orange County. There are so many people suffering from this disease that will eventually cause blindness. It only makes sense to legalize medical marijuana in Florida.

The Medical Marijuana Bandwagon in Orlando

John Morgan, the highly powerful attorney with offices all over the State of Florida spearheaded the petition that got the issue of legalizing medical marijuana on the ballot for November. Considering his immense financial wealth, Morgan was able to flood the TV stations with commercials coaxing people to hop on the legal medical weed bandwagon. Florida Senators Joe Saunders and Jeff Clemens introduced the bill and are both strong supporters of legalizing medical cannabis. Both Senators belong to the Democratic Party. Of course, former Governor Charlie Crist also supports passing this amendment. Crist is also a part of the well-known Morgan & Morgan Law Firm. It would be remiss to mention that Crist is also vying for his old position as Governor of Florida. These are merely a few of the prominent people supporting medical cannabis in Orange County.

Those against Medical Weed in Orlando

There are loads of people against legalizing medical weed in Orange County. Most are staunch Republicans, including current Governor Rick Scott. People getting stoned and drug abuse are their basic defenses for their stance however; a cannabis extract named Charlotte’s Web doesn’t cause a euphoric feeling, but will alleviate pain and reduce seizures. Obviously, these anti-marijuana citizens haven’t seen a child in the throes of excessive grand mal seizures, or seen a person slowly lose their eyesight from glaucoma, or witnessed a cancer patient dealing with the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. It isn’t rocket science to know that people who do not need medical marijuana in Orlando will somehow get prescriptions however; punishing those who truly need it isn’t the answer.

Orange County Marijuana Locations

Whether you are pro-medical marijuana in Orlando or against it, the decision is left up to voters in the November, 2014 election. It is essential that each voter asks themselves “would I want to relieve my loved one’s suffering or the side effects of a treatment” before they go to cast their ballots. The choice is yours Florida! Please make the right one.

Will My Credit Be Ruined Forever

Credit bureau regulations allow information on a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy to remain on a consumer credit report for up to 10 years after the commencement of the case, although sometimes an agency may remove it after seven years. But this unavoidable fact has some positive aspects. If you’re a candidate for bankruptcy, your credit is probably badly damaged already by late payments and excessive debt. Even if you have a perfect payment history, if you have more debts than you can pay using your income, you will have a poor credit rating and little or nothing to lose by filing bankruptcy. For example, many people struggling under mountains of debt cannot actually make payments on their debts, but instead transfer balances from an credit card to a new one or take cash advances on one account to make payments on another. They may have perfect payment histories, but they have no ability to pay their debts and their credit ratings will reflect that fact.

Filing bankruptcy can be a positive turning point in your credit history. It can even be the first step to buying a house. If your debts are so unmanageable right now that you’re contemplating bankruptcy, you probably can’t afford house payments. Getting rid of debt in bankruptcy will increase your disposable income and make you a better credit risk from the perspectives of most lenders. People who exercise sound financial management after bankruptcy will begin to rebuild their credit quickly, and can generally qualify for real estate mortgages and car loans within a couple of years. To help you out, you may also hire san diego bankruptcy lawyer.

Other forms of credit may be available even sooner after filing bankruptcy, although probably not on the most favorable terms. Credit cards may have lower balance limits and higher interest rates. They may have to be secured with a deposit that the issuing bank can draw on if you fail to pay. Secured loans may require larger down payments. There are some creditors who won’t lend to anyone who has ever filed bankruptcy, but for the majority of lenders your most recent debt transactions carry the most weight when you apply for new credit. Recovery from the consequences of bankruptcy takes some time and commitment, but if you keep your debts to a minimum and stay current on your payments, in a year or two you will be on your way to repairing the damage done.

It should also be noted that while a bankruptcy filing will not stay on your credit report forever, a lender, landlord or employer may sometimes ask if you have ever filed bankruptcy. There is no reason why the question can’t be asked, and in some contexts, it may be a legal offense to answer falsely. This said, if you are drowning in debt now, in the long run bankruptcy can do your already damaged credit more good than harm.

What Are The Reasons That Push You To Get Trustworthy Plumbing Service?

When you look towards the broader terms of getting your work or home place ready, you will find plenty of reasons that will push you to get a reliable plumbing service provider. Plumbing service is the heart and soul of your house as it will bring fresh water to you and will drain the wastewater from your house.

Well, reliability matters a lot because you have to live in that place for several years to come, and if you are not doing so, then you might face some of the issues in the market. Gas engineer Bilston is the one that can get you the best plumbing service in your area, and you can trust their service.

Reasons to hire trustworthy one

Here you can go through some of the basic reason why you should hire a professional person only:-

  • You are building a new house

Well, it has been a long time since you are making shifts from one rented house to another rented house and now you have made the decision to get your own house. In this process, you will be in need of all the thing tip-top, from the base to the finals, and plumbing is one of them. It will be best if you select the professionals for the fittings and after which you could relax.

  • You do not have much time

Uncertainties can happen almost any time in the hour, and it is also important that you cover them when you have proper time. The best part about the professional plumber is that he or she will not waste a single minute when you are facing an emergency and will start curing your issue.

These were two of the basic reasons due to which you are going to select the best professional for providing plumbing services to you.

How To Grab More Information About The Prestige City?

The people who are new to the Prestige City might not be much aware of it as they are new to it and don’t know about its various locations. There are some major ways that can help you to grab more details about it as it will help them have a safe and secure connection with the mentioned city. Once the people grab all the major details about the Prestige City, it will help them connect with more aspects. It is essential for the people to grab all the major details, especially about The Prestige City Price, so that they can buy a good building.

Research More

The best way to grab more information about the Prestige City is to research more about it as it will help you know more about the city and other related aspects. Once you researched the city, then it will help you to have a great impact on your knowledge and other major aspects.

Get Notified with Customizable Alerts

Try to get notified with customizable alerts as it will help you know more about the Prestige City and help you enhance your knowledge about this city. It is one of the best cities as it allows you to impact your life and living style significantly.

Export and Drive Insights

When you opt for connecting with Prestige City, it is a must for you to know more about it, and once you connect with export and drive insights, it will automatically help you grab the best results. Try to pay attention in this way as it is the best for grabbing bet information.


With the above info, you will get to know about the various ways that can help you to grab the best information about the Prestige City. You can only consider all the above points if you connect with the PRO as normal city information doesn’t include many details.

Bitcoin Coder Jeff Garzik Signs Deal To Deploy Bitsats In Space

Bitcoin core developer Jeff Garzik’s daring plan to place mini-satellites into orbit to supply safe, remote backup for the digital currency’s rising store of crucial data has taken a step near turning into an actuality. This also resulted in the rise in the popularity of digital currencies like pi crypto in the market as well.

Mr. Garzik’s company, Dunvegan Space Systems, introduced Thursday that it has signed a contract with its companion, Deep Space Industries Inc., to construct the primary 24-unit constellation of “BitSats,” an thought it first unveiled nearly a year ago.

Dunvegan plans to have the BitSats hold an entire document of bitcoin’s ever-rising blockchain ledger, thus performing as essential “full nodes” to backup bitcoin’s all-vital core database at a time when the variety of earth-primarily based computer systems offering this important storage service has declined.

Individually, Mr. Garzik mentioned, Dunvegan will supply BitSats to paying clients, who would use them for proprietary information storage options and communications companies. For such corporations, which could select an area-based mostly operation for, among the many causes, retaining their most delicate knowledge bodily faraway from potential attackers, the corporate already has a worth menu: $1 million for one BitSat, $19 million for a full 24-unit constellation.

This for-revenue part of the enterprise would monetize an operation that was initially conceived as a public utility aimed toward securing bitcoin’s decentralized community.

“As programmers, we’re at all times asking that greater-stage query: how will you clear up that drawback and at a similar time a number of different issues? And that’s the place the income mannequin got here from,” Mr. Garzik stated. “Mainly we have a look at [the BitSat] as a platform that may do on-demand knowledge broadcasts to any location on earth, in addition to retailer information for patrons.”

Mr. Garzik, who additionally works for bitcoin cost processor BitPay and is a member of the 5-particular person workforce assigned to coordinate improvement and upkeep of bitcoin’s core open-supply software program program, initially checked out having the BitSats mine for bitcoin rewards in house. However, he stated it will have been prohibitively costly as many extra photovoltaic panels could be wanted to energy up the excessive-powered chips wanted to compete with quick-paced bitcoin mines on earth.

As it’s, the BitSat “nano-satellites” are small – 10 cm x 10 cm x 30 cm. But even that’s bigger than the preliminary 10x10x10 prototype as a result of it needed to accommodate extra panels to gasoline the onboard computer systems.

The small dimension of the models makes launching them away more price-efficient operation than conventional, full-scale satellites as a result of they’ll hitch rides with launches put different tools into orbit.

Herbal Sleep Medications – Natural Ways For Good Sleep

Sleep is the essential thing for one’s body. The body is the best creation of all time; through its design, we get many benefits. Sleeping has many benefits; firstly, it is all known that it will give rest to our body and mind; secondly, it will give our body to reenergize for the next day; and thirdly, it helps in healing the body.  

Modern World And Issues Of Present World

The modern world is full of disturbance and issues; in this present world, where everyone is busy in their schedule, no one gets a peaceful time to enjoy the thing which is the most precious one, the life itself. Most of us are rushing to have money to make our future bright, but in this rush, we usually tend to forget the present, leading to many health issues. The sleeping issue or insomnia is the common issue of the modern world. For this, many take sleep medications. There are many ways to tackle the issue in this present world, but the best one is to use cognitive behavioural therapy to resolve the issue. Above all, one must take their health and their body seriously and must do justice with it. 

Good Sleep And How Can One Get It

All know that getting good sleep is required but getting is quite hard; one must practice sleeping hygiene with regular habits such as:

  • To get good sleep, one must follow one practice of going on the bed and waking up at the same time.
  • To get good sleep, one must regularly exercise in the morning and some hours before bed. 
  • To get good sleep, one must finish their food before some hours of bedtime. 
  • It is the prerequisite that one must sleep in a noise-free and good environment. 
  • In the modern era, shutting down the modern technological devices at least before some hours of going on the bed. 

It is hard to concentrate on the work properly without proper sleep, so sleep peacefully and take care of your health.

3 Useful Tips For Getting A Low Interest Rate Car Loan

It’s perfectly possible to get a low interest rate car loan online as there are plenty of auto finance lenders who offer these types of finances. By securing car finance with low loan rates, you could simply reduce your monthly auto loan payments and thus lower your financing costs too. Nevertheless, to get the much desired low rates of interest on your vehicular finance, it is imperative for you to follow certain guidelines which could help you to get the best deal. Here is some critical information pertaining to the factors that influence low interest car loans that could guide you in your endeavor in case you are out to secure one.

You should learn from experts that how to escape payday loan debt with the following of a guide. There are essentials available in the guide that you need to follow to reduce the amount of payday loans. The implementation of the correct tips at the right time is essential for the people. 

  1. Check out the prime lending rate

Usually, there is a difference between the prime lending rate (PLR) and the actual interest rate offered by an auto loan company. Typically, the PLR is based on a variety of factors. Thereby, it’s important for you to check out the lender’s PLR. While doing so, you need to ensure that your low interest instant online auto loan has a lending rate which is closer to the PLR.

  1. Choosing the car

The rates of interest offered on car finance could greatly depend upon the vehicle you choose. In case you are considering buying a used car, make sure that its condition is good enough because car loan creditors assess the state of the vehicle and provide interest rates accordingly. If the car is not that satisfactory, the car loan rates could be much higher than those offered for new or good conditioned used cars. So when you are trying to get low interest cheap car loan rates, you need to bear this in mind.

  1. Comparing auto loan quotes essential

The entire process of getting a car loan with low interest rate is quite complex as even your credit scores assume significance. Hence, it is desirable for a borrower to compare the quotes provided by multiple lenders. Alternatively, you should also verify if loan repayment terms and conditions require the applicant to pay any hidden costs such as processing or closing fees or even prepayment penalties. Therefore, there is a need to thoroughly scrutinize the loan contract.

Get Online Instant Car Loan Approval With Low Interest Rate

The ideal way of approach to any auto loan finance is to avail expert guidance from professional services offered by reputed online service providers like Car Loans Right Here. This could enable you to secure active assistance in carrying out a comparison of the quotes offered by various auto loan lenders and thus, assist you to obtain the lowest car loan rates. In addition, you could also be helped to get a financial solution that is very much affordable as well as favorable to satisfy your financial needs and requirements.

How Can You Decorate Your Garden Or Backyard With Concrete Decks?

In the modern era, individuals are in search of an object by which they can decorate their garden area or the backyard area. So there is a most suitable object for them, which is known as concrete decks. This is the most helpful material which should be used to install in your backyard or the garden area as a floor. This type of floor has many benefits for you, as it will look so amazing and pretty, and it cannot be denied that you will not find anything better than the concrete decks to decorate the outer area of our house.

Apart from that, nowadays, it has become a trend to install concrete decks at your outer area, so if you want to walk with the modern era, you should decorate your garden, installing the floor made up of concrete decks. And if you want to know more about decorating the place with the concrete decks, then you can easily learn about it by searching custom creations decorative concrete on Google.

What should you consider before placing the concrete decks in your outer area?

  • You should search for a relevant platform 

First of all, to place the concrete decks, you need to find a relevant platform from which you can buy the most useful and strong concrete decks. As it is a fact that we live in a cutthroat competition, where the providers are ready to cheat us, we need to find a platform from which we can buy suitable and relevant concrete decks.

  • An advice can make a lot of changes 

As it is a fact, that the advice can make a lot of changes, that is why it is our primary duty, to have the advice of someone, because an advisor can help us to change our decision in our positive way.

Custom Creations Decorative Concrete, LLC
71 Prince St #7 Boston, MA 02113
+1 (888) 851-0544

Cannabis Creativity And Art Appreciation – Know about them 

One of the biggest challenges to marijuana’s legitimacy is its longstanding characterization as unproductive. Marijuana’s federal legal status stems in large part from the popularity of its recreational use by racial minorities in the early twentieth century. Without delving into the other political nuances of that generalization, suffice it to note that marijuana is associated with leisure time and not industry. Consider also that the overuse of marijuana, and certain strains more than others, can induce lethargy, poor motor coordination, impaired decision making—in short, can take us out of the physiological state in which we’re more adept at getting practical tasks done. Finally, prohibition itself effectively casts marijuana as unproductive in an economic light, since the underground herb trade sucked money out of legal areas of the almighty market.

You can register at https://www.gentlemantoker.com/dc-weed-delivery-faq/ site for the purchasing of cannabis products. There is a need to perform proper research in the market and at the site. The delivery is available at the doorstep of the people. You can spend the time and money from the budget to avoid more loss. 

Luckily, the recent boom in the marijuana industry has done much to erode that economic stigma. But as support for marijuana gains traction through legalizing cannabis at the state level and increased popularity of taking cbd oil, US culture is experiencing a radical decline in its support for, and appreciation of, the arts; programs in schools and communities across the nation are underfunded and losing money every day. Everywhere, there is an emphasis on practical training and pursuits, particularly the STEM disciplines—science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. (Of course, there’s also a heavy emphasis on football, an activity that is itself relatively unproductive—but then again, the sporting industry is an economic powerhouse, so I digress.)

But what if the expanding marijuana industry was able to revitalize the appreciation of art and creativity, beyond their commercial potential? If this sounds like a utopian ideal out of Moore or Huxley, you’re probably right. Nonetheless, the counterculture’s love of creative innovation and love of marijuana raises an interesting question: what if marijuana is a catalyst for deeper understanding and appreciation of the non-practical things in life?

Oscar Wilde (himself an occasional marijuana user) once wrote that there is no point in creating something completely useless (like a piece of poetry) unless one is going to admire it utterly. Can the “uselessness” of the marijuana high be a key to understanding the usefulness of “useless” (read: nonutilitarian) works of art? And, by the same turn, can this relationship validate both on an entirely different standard of “use”?

This is Your Brain on Marijuana

While marijuana works by influencing many different points in the body’s endocannabinoid system, the mental high comes from THC’s action on the brain—the seat of our thoughts and personalities and the most complex region of the nervous system. The nervous system functions through the actions and interactions of individual cells called neurons. Neurons communicate with one another by passing chemicals across the gaps between them, which are called synapses. When a neuron’s receptor sites are densely saturated by these chemicals, the cell activates and sends an electrical pulse down its length; the various branches of the neuron, called dendrites, release their own neurochemicals, which cross synapses and bind to receptor sites on neighboring neurons.

Thoughts, actions, and memories all involve the activation of innumerable neurons. Take, for example, the concept of a puppy: that one word evokes thoughts and sensations like a wet nose, fluffy coat, a friendly disposition—all the notions that we have associated, in our minds, with the concept of a puppy. All of these notions are produced by the lightning-fast activation of interconnected neurons in the brain. Every single human thought and action is the result of these vast, interlocking, overlapping networks of electrochemical reactions.

The neurons in the brain are organized into larger, physically well-defined structures; the seat of cognition is the cortex, the large outer covering of the brain, which is subdivided into lobes. Electroencephalographic imaging of the brain shows that marijuana acts on the brain’s occipital lobe, which is involved in processing visual stimuli; the temporal lobe, which processes auditory stimuli; and the parietal lobe, which integrates the various modalities of sensory perception. In short, marijuana acts on larger neurological structures that are active during the artistic experience.

Back on the neuronal level, there is evidence (physical and, of course, anecdotal) that marijuana facilitates more wide-reaching stimulation of these neural networks. In a game of connect the dots, a coherent image only emerges once we make explicit the relationships between each point on the page, emphasizing some connections (by drawing a line) and ignoring others (by not drawing that line). Marijuana helps us to draw the lines and get perspective on larger patterns, discerning a gestalt that is not apparent without a very broad scope; it widens our scope and lets us see larger patterns that exist beyond the details.

Cannabis and Creativity

Alan Ginsberg admitted to using drugs, including marijuana, in attempts to recapture a sensation of artistic inspiration and ecstasy. Carl Sagan praised marijuana for its ability to enhance his personal comprehension and understanding of creative forms ranging from the musical to the culinary. Journalist and novelist Hunter Thompson considered marijuana a staple of life and an important part of his professional toolbox. (There were, of course, many other things in that toolbox as well.) The critical theorist Walter Benjamin began, but did not finish before his untimely suicide, a book called On Hashish that outlined the intellectual uses for concentrated marijuana extract and other mind-altering substances.

The list of artists and thinkers who have advocated the cognitive benefits of marijuana goes on and on.

But the creative benefits of marijuana are not limited to the luminaries of art, philosophy, science, and other intellectual pursuits. As noted by the Victorian literary critic and poet Matthew Arnold (you probably know him best for his Dover Beach), the interpretation of a piece of art is just as much a creative act as the making of said work of art. Grasping the complexity and depth of works like Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow or Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” requires an ability to recognize the same far-reaching patterns that artists and thinkers have embodied and presented to us through their respective media.

Marijuana, the hypothesis goes, helps us become more sensitive to patterns that we might otherwise miss by allowing our brains to make cognitive leaps and associations beyond the normal expanse of our neural networks. It may be the sudden recognition of something that we’ve always seen but never realized; it may be the realization of something that we’ve always intuited but never seen explicated before; but it always involves a sudden flash of insight, that light-bulb moment of epiphany. It expands the mind in the sense that it expands the scope of the mind and what it’s able to perceive.

These benefits are not limited to the realm of art. Creativity is a necessity in all tasks—the entrepreneur is defined as anyone who innovates, and innovation relies on the ability to see the patterns and potentials that others cannot. Progress occurs when we act on those realizations, for the betterment of ourselves and the world around us.

It is not hard to argue that, at this moment, public policy and even public opinion have lost sight of the potentials of art and marijuana in everyday life. And so we return to our point of departure: is there a different scale of legitimacy on which we can measure art and marijuana, aside from building boats or bridges or corporations? Can marijuana boot strap us into a new understanding of these things? Could the emerging marijuana market possibly be the thing that saves our foundering humanistic and cultural educational systems by helping more of the population to comprehend their value?

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