Keratin Hair Treatment Prepare – how to get prepared

Keratin hair treatment is showing great results. There are many people who have curly and frizzy hair and therefore they find this solution to be a perfect one. By this treatment you can give a smooth look to your hair.

If you have selected any salon for the treatment then there are lots of things which have to be considered. Consult your hair specialist and collect information about the substances which are used in the hair straightening treatment of keratin. The moroccan keratin treatment reviews will offer the complete information about the treatment with the best products. The establishing of the contact with the specialist will provide the right information. The straightening of the hair is with the best tools.

  • Step 1

The very first thing that you should remember is to get information regarding the keratin solutions. The composition of the keratin solution can vary as it is made from various substances. So get enough information whether it will suit your hair or not and show the desired result only. There can be side effects of the treatment so tell the hairstylist about any kind of treatment which you have undergone in the past six months. According to your hair the specialist will shampoo your hair and make them clean. It will depend upon the hair as well as the treatment which is carried out.

  • Step 2

Before you go for the treatment you can use moisturizers that will be smoothing your hair. In the treatment hot iron will be used on the hair so it will be better that you do something on the hair. This will keep you away from the damage done to hair. Use moisturizer mask on the hair and dry it completely once the mask goes in the hair totally.

  • Step 3

Keep the mask on the hair for at least 15 minutes to nourish them.

  • Step 4

Dry your hair using cold water and use Davines MoMo shampoo whenever you wash the hair. It is the best shampoo which moisturizes the hair and is effective too. Do not use oils or conditioners before the treatment because the hair may not be straight.

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