Fagor Pressure Cooker Simplifying Cooking

Fagor pressure cookers can be described as cookers customized specifically to meet the needs of the cook. They are very simple to use coupled with style and elegance, they are durable and reliable. In terms of safety, on a scale of 1-10, I would give them a 9 and in terms of design, they stand a greater chance in the European market. One would have expected that the peculiar nature of this product would bring about a high price tag; to that assumption, it is a NO because Fagor pressure cookers are relatively cheap and affordable compared with other well known brands and it performs faster as well.

The best pressure cooker is simplifying the process of cooking food. The quality of the product is superior in comparison to other cooking equipments. The charges are reasonable to have desired results in cooking different varieties of meals. 

Fagor pressure cookers come in their varieties. They are of different sizes and shapes; they come in 5 models precisely. The different models include the duo, elite, splendid, rapida and future. They are all fabricated from first-class 18/10 stainless steel with impact bonded diffuser bottom which allows for even distribution of heat. Fagor pressure cookers are equipped with triple safety system which includes a safety locking handle to prevent the cooker from opening accidentally under high pressure, two autonomous over pressure release valves to avoid pressure build up and a twin pressure control valve. Fagor pressure cookers is not limited to any cooking surface, it can be used on all types of cooking surfaces except for the duo line.

The Duo line Fagor pressure cooker has two pressure settings (low and high) which is operated by a dial format.

The Elite line is only available in select retailers’ store. They have the same features as well.

The Fagor splendid pressure cooker is fabricated from high guage 18/10 stainless steel with an aluminum encapsulated bottom that guarantees even heat distribution.

The Fagor Rapida pressure cooker is the most basic yet most popular of all models. It has a European designed belly shape and has all the general features mentioned.

The Fagor Futuro pressure cooker is the most expensive of all as it is uniquely designed with short handles for compact storage thus saving space plus its self-locking making it hassle free. It comes with stainless steel steamer basket/grater and an auto pressure release valve which reduces food particle build up making it an easy clean.

All the afore mentioned Fagor pressure cookers are ergonomically designed for easy handling yet sleek and contemporary look. Almost all models are available in various sizes i.e. 4qt, 6qt, 8qt, 10qt, with the 10qt size all can be used for pressure cooking and canning. Because the manufactures are very sure of the efficiency of their product they let them out with a ten year warranty period, a pressure cookers’ recipe book and a dish washer safe.

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