Are You Launching An Online Business Or Passion Project?

Are you launching a new business, blog, or online passion project?

It isn’t just a matter of setting up your Facebook pages and choosing the right channels to compliment your venture, but it is just as important to ensure that your branding and overall look is consistent and represents quality, professionalism and your story.

Where do we start?

One on one consultation–

During this consult, we will establish:

  • Your short-term & long-term goals for your website/cause
  • What are going to be your most effective social media channels
  • Identify your direct competitors, what they are doing and how we can do better

What happens next?

I will email you a document, containing:

  • An advertising budget proposal for Facebook (if desired)

I then implement, based on your approval and amendments:

  • Ensure that all of your channels are consistent and looking great with images, cover designs, logo etc.
  • One week’s worth of planned/scheduled posts for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Simple PDF document containing your account log in details and passwords for your safe keeping
  • The tools & knowledge to manage your own social media networks

Would you like more details about my social media management services? Check the FAQ below:

What if I have my own ideas about what direction I want to take the businesses social media to? Wonderful- the more input I can have from you the better. This is why we have our one on one consult, in which we will establish your goals and discuss your ideas. This is like a creative brainstorm for your business- whether you are at a loss as to what you want to achieve or you know exactly where you want to take it, this consult is the perfect opportunity to get it started. The passion project is completed when a person Get High Quality Views for your YouTube Videos. The number of views and likes on the video are increased with the purchase of the subscribers. The selection of the right strategy is there to meet  the desired needs. 

What if down the track I want to change direction, add another channel or take away an account that isn’t performing for my business? As one of my valued clients, I have a solid interest in your project and will be keeping a close eye on it and monitoring it’s growth. I am only a phone call or email away if you have any concerns or ideas- I would love to help you develop them further down the track, or provide professional advice when needed.

Do you take every new project or business on? Short answer is no- I only take on clients whose work I really just “get” if I don’t understand your new venture, I do not feel that I will be able to represent your brand as best to my ability. I also do not take on new clients unless their required deadlines and timeframes suit my current client schedule, I do not want to let anyone down. For questions regarding current availability or any other information regarding this please contact me.

I feel that I could possibly do this myself, but I have some doubts. Why should I make the investment? Over the years I have met and spoken with many people who have spent hours trying to set up their accounts- they really struggled. Instead of investing that time into activities within their business, it was spent trying to learn and operate Facebook Pages. I believe that setting up your accounts efficiently and effectively will save you precious time and money in the long run. Do it right and from the start, you will end up with social media that works for you and your business.

Malorie is a passionate writer who loves her pet and dog and wants to travel around the globe with her. She also wishes to share her love for writing with others, hoping that it would inspire them for a better future.