Top 9 Vacation Spots to Visit in Greece

The beautiful natural beauty of bright blue seas, old archaeological sites, fascinating island villages, and a warm, mainly dry climate, make Greece a country of many beautiful vacation spots. Visitors to this Mediterranean idyll with its archipelago of over a thousand islands are confronted with such a range of natural and man-made tourist attractions that they have to prioritize their travel plans.


This Peloponnesian treasure, only a couple of hour’s drive from Athens, was occupied since Neolithic times. It sits on a hilltop on the lower pitches of Euboea Mountain and is regarded one of the foundation sites of European civilization. One of the Oldest renovations was the amazing Lion Gate.

 The National Archaeological Museum – Athens

The ideal beginning point for an infusion of Greek civilisation and history, this world-class museum teems with artifacts and sculptures. Search for the tall, dramatic kouroi, archaic statues of young gods, and the impressive gold treasures from excavations of Mycenae’s royal tombs.

 The Island of Hydra

See this trendy Greek island via hydrofoil from Athens. Its influencing harbor, gorgeous churches, great shopping chances, and good tavernas allow a quintessential Greek experience.

The Minoan Palace of Knossos, Crete

Circled by the city of Iraklion and approachable by local bus, the wreckings and restored labyrinth of this Minoan castle are from the era when the Aegean King Minos ruled mainland Greeks. To obtain some of the feeling for the material civilisation of ancient times, make sure to see the international-class Heraklion Archaelogical Museum in Iraklion. A visit can be made at Leiebilnord site to know about the rental car services. The material of the car is the excellent one to get the desired results. Ensure that the understanding of the services is excellent at the site. The traveling to different locations is easy for the travelers.  The selection of the right renting car service should be there after comparing the prices. 

 The Acropolis and the Parthenon

The symbol of Athens, the iconic Parthenon sits atop the Acropolis, overlooking the city. The remains of the holy temple to the Greek godess Athena, the Parthenon, with its uncomplicated Doric style, has been imitated in public architecture over the world. Accessed by the Athens Metro, it’s always crowded, therefore go for a visit early mornings or late afternoons.


This active, cosmopolitan destination – one of favourite tourist attractions, in the Ionian Sea off the coast of mainland Greece, has streets lined with Venetian-style constructions. If you want to avoid the pricey high-rise accommodation northerly, head for standard pensions in the wilder south where the coastline comes across the quiet waters in almost flawless union.

Drogati and Melissnai Caves

One of the favorites of Kefalonia, Melissani is a subterranean seawater cave, which becomes turquoise daily when the sun gets to a certain point. The outstanding Drogati Cave holds amazing stalactites and boasts excellent acoustics.


Hotels clinging to clifftops, scenic winding roads, a volcanic legacy, good local wines and fine food places Santorini on the list. Come at this beautiful Greek island near sea and have the best sights of the brown and black-banded cliffs exceeded by white lava. Make sure to see the ruins of the once-buried city of Akrotiri.

Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon

This popular cliff-top temple, arranged above the Aegean Sea, has brilliant sunset sights. Although the Archeological Museum in Athens is home to the bronze statue that was once put up here, it’s easy to determine why the god of the sea coulded have been idolised at this impressive public monument.

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