Problems Encountered While Operating Charcoal Briquette Machine

Charcoal briquettes are effective alternatives for coal and wood, acting as fuel for cooking and other applications. They are widely applicable at the household and industrial level for fuel and kindling, generating a fire. Its efficiency in cooking comes from its uniform burning nature, aiding in longer cooking hours and saving high fuel costs. Considering the large production of charcoal briquettes from sawdust and other waste biomass, the production plants often face operating difficulties and shutdowns from time to time. There could be many reasons behind it, which require proper handling of the machine and problem fixing at regular intervals. Many vocational centers (kuttekeskus) specialize in the operations of briquette machines. Hence, let us understand various aspects of charcoal briquette machines.

What could be the reasons for a blowout?

A blowout in the charcoal briquette machine may result from improper temperature control, highly moist raw material, pivot misalignment, exhaust vent blockages, worn-out sleeves, imperfect head screw, etc. The operators may face blowouts from time to time arising from any of these reasons, which they must check and outwit the problem.

When does the briquetting machine not form briquettes?

There are times when a briquetting machine fails to produce briquettes, leading to tremendous losses in the production plant. A proper functioning briquette machine gives brown briquettes with smooth surfaces and zero cracks, evenly extruded from the molding sleeve. However, the briquette machine may face issues in briquettes due to severe abrasion of the molding sleeve, an uneven angle of the pusher, extreme heating temperatures, and too moist raw materials. So the operators must avoid these blunders for good production of briquettes.

Apart from these factors, there could be bent briquettes due to too moist raw materials and might even develop surface cracks. So it is necessary to control various parameters of charcoal briquetting machines to increase the efficiency in production.

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