Data Room Solutions – Professional Services To Be Taken!!

From small network server rooms to large commercial data centre facilities, our design services cater for basic to high level design proposals and full working drawings to support tenders, performance specifications and overall construction.

Our in house experienced consultants, AutoCAD and M&E; design engineers, will provide you with layouts and infrastructure proposals that conform to the very latest in building regulations, design standards and recommendations.

Whether your business or organisation is considering investing into a new build data centre, refurbishing an existing facility, or simply market testing to ascertain the best available direction to host ICT services to a co-location data centre, managed service provider or cloud. With the professional services at Data Rooms, the management of the rooms is excellent to get the desired results. The availability of the best direction is there for the virtual data rooms. The offering of the services is excellent to meet with the best services. 

 Whatever the drivers are, all potential projects that involve significant capital investment and technical resources applied, will require due diligence in the form of a feasibility study and report. 

We tailor the findings of data centre feasibility reports to fit within your specific agenda or requirements. Feasibility studies include high level designs, budget quotations and detailed cost analysis to assist with your business case for capital funds requests with either new build construction or datacentre hosting projects.

Experienced providing relevant documentation and supporting the tendering process of data centre and server room design & build or refurbishment projects.

Producing and evaluating PQQ returns, and providing tender specifications in an open format meaning the basic requirements in terms of the overall build construction power & cooling systems and network infrastructure are provided to design & build contractors as RFP’s (requests for proposals and pricing). Alternatively, full design drawings & performance specifications, with exact BOM’s (bill of materials) for construction issue. Specifications adhere to the very latest in data centre industry standards and recommendations, and approved by our qualified electrical, mechanical and build construction design engineers.

Data Centre Audits & Risk Analysis comments on design compliance along with the overall general condition of the data centre facility, identifying security issues and possible single points of failure within the power and cooling systems.

This service can include thermal imaging surveys to identify possible hot and cold spots within the mechanical and electrical systems. Additional services include CFD (Computational Thermal Dynamics) of your data centre and hardware.

Data Centre Audits & Risk Analysis highlights possible weaknesses in the data centre or server room electrical & mechanical infrastructure, avoiding costly services outages and unplanned downtime to IT services that could affect SLA’s. Findings are documented into a detailed report including recommendations for any improvements works mitigating potential risks identified.

Data Centre Energy Efficiency Audits identifies key components such as construction fabric, power & cooling systems that are simply wasting electricity and aims to reduce your IT facilities annual power consumption, and free-up £ 1,000s worth of valuable capital back into your business.

The data centre energy efficiency audit provides recommendations for low cost changes that will make a significant reduction in energy used and improve the overall performance of the UPS and air-conditioning systems

Using metrics such as DCiE, PUE & recommendations from the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centre Efficiency, we will optimise and increase the available capacity of your data centre or server room facility. 

When considering the suitability of a green field location for the construction of a new build data centre design & build project, or the relocation of business office space to new premises. A Data Centre site selection survey can highlight the true potential in terms of capacity for incoming building services such as power and fibre connectivity.

Along with building services, we also review and comment on the basic fabric and construction of the building. This would typically include comments on suitability of surrounding areas such as available space, security, access and any other constraints that may adversely affect the surrounding environment, and impose restrictions or possible rejection of a planning application for external power and cooling plant required for a datacentre facility.

A Capacity Planning survey mitigates the risk of downtime and provides piece of mind for I.T. services and business continuity during critical projects and upgrades. Data centre Infrastructure Capacity Planning also ensures that right sizing is endorsed within the power and cooling infrastructure to minimise potential system losses, and helps to determine future expansion requirements during the early data centre, server & computer room design stages this includes the deployment of Blade servers, HPC (High Performance Clusters), NettApp’s, SAN’s and other proprietary cabinets.

Every business and organisation undergoes constant change to improve and streamline the delivery of I.T. services. Consolidation and virtualisation of systems aims to reduce the annual on-going operational cost, and will provide additional physical space and headroom within power and cooling systems for existing data centres, server & computer rooms environments.

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