Crafting Good RA Program Ideas During Covid-19 Times

The 2020 pandemic stopped everyone from doing anything outside their homes. The universities, workplaces, stores, and every place other than the houses were locked onto to prevent the virus from spreading. It affected the students a lot as they had nothing to look forward to. No jobs and no activities left them feeling helpless. Gradually, the pupils started feeling dull, frustrated, and unaccompanied. But, much appreciation needs to be extended to the good ra program ideas that helped the learners get back in action.

How does RA help?

RA or the Resident Assistant is a professional who helps the students get comfortable with the learning environment and helps them in their personal, academic, and other matters to bring out their best. The basic yet important roles played by an amiable RA are:-

  • Acquainting students with the institution’s module
  • Mentoring students in the academic field
  • Creating strong connections among students
  • Creating an active and interactive environment 
  • Catering to the mental needs of students
  • Maintaining order and peace with rules 
  • Ordering the essentials, if any

The list of their duties is just illustrative. They have ample duties to perform to help the pupils grow academically, socially, and emotionally.

RA programs during Covid-19

The pandemic surely brought everything to a halt. But it didn’t stop the Resident Assistants from executing their good ra program ideas for their students’ benefit. They are dedicated throughout the tough times of the pandemic to extend their impartial availability to each student. From conducting one-to-one helpful sessions to crafting group activities, they have successfully managed everything online.

Ample students gave positive feedback and applauded the genuine efforts of their RAs in giving them the best escape during the lockdown days. Their learning process did not stop even during quarantine times. It is very important to be signed up with an RA who is friendly, understanding, and always finding ways to help you grow in every aspect.

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